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What is the difference between Standard and Premium? 

    >Standard and Premium differ only by location. Premium booths are high visibility, high 

      traffic areas.  See booth map located in the vendor packet.  


What comes with each booth?   

    >Each booth purchased comes with (1) 2ft x 8ft x 30in tall dressed table, (2) chairs and

      (1) sign with your company name in 3in letters and (2) entry badges.  The back of the

      booth has (1) 8ft tall x 10ft wide blue drape and (2)side drape panels 30in high x 10ft



How big is a booth?   

    >Each booth is 10ft x 10ft square with an 8ft tall drape behind.  Booths can be increased

      in size by multiples of 10ft.  Adding an additional booth will make your space 10ft x 20ft,

      etc.  Endcap spaces can be increased in depth by adding additional booths, 4 endcap

      booths would be 20ft wide by 20ft deep. 6 endcap booths would be 20ft wide by 30ft

      deep, etc.  See booth map for possible combinations.


What can I add to my booth package?   

    >Besides additional booths, you can add extra tables and chairs, electricity, WiFi and


Can I purchase extras booth items on the day of the show? 

     >Yes, however they will be substantially more expensive on the day of the show.  We

        encourage you to purchase all of your extras on line before the show. 


Is electricity available for my booth? 

      >Yes.   Please order your electrical connection in advance on line.  Requesting electricity

         on the day of the show will result in a substantially higher cost.  

Can I share electricity with my neighbor? 

      >No.  Our cost to install the electrical utilities at NEAF is extremely expensive.  Not

        paying for your share of the expense is not fair to others and could raise

        everyone's cost.   Those found using unsolicited electricity will be disconnected or

        made to pay.  Please avoid an embarrassing situation.   


How can I change my booth to fit my company style?    

    >You may add banners attached to the back curtain of the booth.  You may add a different

      color curtain in front of the blue curtain, however you can not remove the blue curtain if it

      is adjacent to another company.  You may add carpet and bring your own tables. You may

      add free standing signs as long as they are within your designated space and do not

      exceed 10ft in height.  You may add lighting if you have purchased the electric option.

      You can customize your booth limited only by your imagination as long as you follow the

      few simple rules. 


What time am I allowed to set up my booth? 

     >Set up time is Friday starting at 12noon until 7pm at which time the Arena is closed and

       secured for the evening. 

Can I set up my booth Saturday morning?

     >The Arena is opened to vendors at 8am and to the general public at 9am.  You MUST be

       ready for business at 9am.  You may make last minute adjustments Saturday morning

       but your booth should be set up and ready the night before.  Not ready for sales at 9am

       is bad form and may affect your booth placement in the future.    


When can I start breaking down my booth? 
    >Breakdown begins at 5pm on Sunday when the show officially ends.  Packing prior to 

      that is not allowed.  Packing early starts a domino effect with your neighbors and creates

      an unprofessional appearance to the show patrons, as well as being unfair to those

      hoping to make some last minute purchases.  


If I'm not busy, can I breakdown and leave early?

    >No.  Packing up your booth prior to the official end of the show is unprofessional and is

      not allowed.  Breaking this rule may cause you to forfeit  a preferred location at next

      years show.  Please avoid an embarrassing situation and follow the rules.

      Of course if there are emergencies and special circumstances, please contact the floor

      manager and explain your circumstance and he will assist you to exit discretely. 


Where is the vendor entrance to NEAF?

    >During Friday set up, vendor entry is through the overhead door on the west side of the

      Arena. This is the entrance nearest the Viola Rd parking area.  [In the case of cross wind

      conditions, this may be changed to the opposite east door entrance.]  The vendor check

      in table will be located near the entrance.  You must stop at the check in to receive your

      badge and exhibitor instructions. Once the overhead door is closed, entry will be through

      the double glass doors left of the west overhead door.   


When is the latest I can order my booth?    

    >March 15 is our deadline for accepting booth reservations. All reservations received by             this date are guaranteed space at the show. Reservations received after this date will

       be accepted on a “space available” basis, and your company name may not appear in our

       promotional advertising. 


What happens if I arrive late or do not make it to the show and I have purchased a booth? 

     >If your booth remains vacant by 8:30am Saturday, you will be considered a no show. 

       Your booth(s) will be forfeited to the adjacent vendor, and will be non refundable.   

       Our goal is to present a full Arena to our patrons when the show opens at 9am Saturday.         Empty booths and unprepared booths are not professional and will not be tolerated.   

       Of course there are emergencies and unforeseen circumstances,  If  you anticipate a

       problem with your arrival, you must contact us by 2pm Friday to make other

       arrangements.   Email: NEAFteam@NEAF


Can I display merchandise in front of my booth? 

     >Generally we allow merchandise placed on the floor up to 3ft in front of your booth. 

        However this is regulated by the Fire Marshall and Life Safety Codes.   You may be

        asked  to move your merchandise closer to your booth if it presents a safety or egress



Can I pick my booth location?    

    >While we will do everything we can to meet your requests for booth placement, final

      layout and booth placement will be at the discretion of Rockland Astronomy Club.  The

      booth layout and location map will be finalized in April, shortly before the show. 

      Placement flexibility is based on overall booth demand, fire safety requirements and

      traffic flow management.


Can I have another company share my booth?    

    >It's kinda like two people sharing a seat at the ball game.  The answer is no.  The ball

      park manager can explain to you why.  


Am I required to collect tax on my sales?  Even if I am from out of state?

     >Yes!  This show is monitored by the NYS Department of Taxation.   All vendors who are 

       registered at NEAF and who are selling tangible merchandise (and are not a

       NY State registered non profit) are required to collect NY State sales tax from the

       purchaser at the time of the sale, regardless of the state in which your business is 

       located.  NY State sales tax is 8.875%.  See the Vendor Packet for additional information

       and NYS Tax Bulletin TB-ST-360.  


If I and my company observe Sabbath, how do I prepare my booth for the show? 

     >Please set up your booth on Friday prior to Sabbath.  Since your booth will be

       unoccupied on Saturday, we suggest a small sign stating that you will be open for

       business Sunday morning.  We require that you populate your booth with signage, 

       product brochures and other small giveaways so that your booth does not appear

       empty.   A small bowl of candy is a good idea as well.  You may bring in your products 

       and organize your booth for sales Sunday morning between 9am and 10am.


How do I get my merchandise to the show?  

     >There are several options depending on your needs. 

       1.  You may bring your merchandise in the vehicle you are driving.  Staff will be

        available to help you unload.  Fork lifts and pallet jacks are available as well. 

       2.  You may ship to the show via common freight as long as you have a guarantee that

       the truck will arrive at the Arena (show) between the hours of 10am and 4pm Friday to

       deliver your merchandise and arrive at the Arena (show) for pick up no later than Monday

       between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  Trucks arriving outside of this time frame will be 

       turned away.  Merchandise not collected by 4pm on Monday will be sent to our 

       warehouse at significant expense to its owner.  We have strict contractual obligations to

       the college for when all materials can be delivered to the venue and when it must be

       removed from the premises.  We do not recommend this option due to the risk of your

       carrier failing to meet the deadlines.  

       And yes, this problem occurs frequently making this a risky option. 


       3.  You may ship your merchandise to our warehouse prior to the show for a nominal

       fee.  This gives you the leisure to have your carrier deliver up to a week in advance

       without the worry of missing the narrow window for show setup.  Your merchandise will 

       then be delivered to the show by our professional and fully insured warehouse company

       and will be waiting for you at your booth by 12 noon on Friday.   This service includes

       returning your merchandise to the warehouse after the show for pick up by your carrier

       up to a week after the event.  

       See vendor packet for additional details on shipping and warehousing. 




Can I ship my merchandise via FedEx, UPS or similar service?

     >You can ship these kinds of packages and boxes  directly to our warehouse in advance

       of the show.  For a small fee  your merchandise will then be delivered to the

       show by our professional and fully insured warehouse company and will be waiting for

       you at your booth by 12noon on Friday.   When you order this service on line, you will

       receive the warehouse shipping address via email. 

Can I ship via FedEx, UPS or similar service directly to the show? 

     >Sorry- there is no method for the college to accept FedEx, UPS or similar packages for 

        the show.



Can I bring my car or truck into the Arena to unload?   

     >Yes, the West gate arena overhead door will be open on Friday from 12noon to 7pm to

        allow vehicles entry for off loading. Note however there is a strict height limit for trucks.          All vehicles wishing access to the Arena must stop at vendor check in and wait for an

        available  flagman  to guide you in.  Fork lift service and pallet jacks are available at no



What kind of security is provided to protect my merchandise? 

      >Professional security guards are employed around the clock commencing at 4pm on

       Friday through 6pm on Sunday.  At 8pm on Friday, all doors that access the exhibit area 

       will be locked.  A security guard will be present the entire night on Friday and Saturday

       within the locked exhibit area.   When the show is open, security guards will be stationed

       at all entrances and exits during show hours on Saturday and Sunday.   Roaming

       undercover security will also be in attendance during the show hours as well as two

       uniformed officers.  However, always keep alert and notify security of any concerns. You

       are ultimately responsible for merchandise and valuables at your booth. RAC cannot take

       responsibility for lost or stolen goods.


What are the badges for?  How does it work? How many badges do I get?    

    >The badge is your admission to the show. When you purchase a booth, you will 

       receive (2) badges per booth.  You must submit the names of the people receiving the

       badges at the time of order.  Names will be accepted by email if you don't know them at

       the time of order.  If you need more than 2 badges per booth, additional badges are

       available for purchase on line.   Vendors and exhibitors must wear their badges at all

       times.  Anyone without a badge will be required to purchase a ticket. 


 Is there nearby vendor parking?

   >Yes, there is parking behind the gated area nearest the west overhead door entrance. 

      This area has limited space and is on a first come basis.  There is additional unlimited

      parking in the lower lot area closest to Viola Road.   


As a vendor, where is the best location to stay?

   >There are a wide variety of nearby hotels. Here are some of our favorites.

 CROWNE PLAZA SUFFERN     2.6 mi   Use reservation code NEA

 SHERATON CROSS ROADS   Permanently Closed

DOUBLE TREE by Hilton    6.8 mi

HAMPTON INN    7.5 mi


FAIRFIELD INN by Marriott   6.8 mi


 Is there handicap access?

    >Yes, all areas are 100% handicap accessible.  Handicap parking is available close to the




Is there a place to park my camper?

   >Yes, campers are welcome, however there are no hook-ups for campers. Please locate 

      your camper in the lower parking lot closest to the Viola Rd entrance. 


Do I need to donate raffle or door prizes?

    >If you are able to donate merchandise as a raffle or door prize, your generosity and

       support of NEAF will be greatly appreciated.  It is also a great promotional opportunity

       for your company as your prize will be highlighted on our website and at the show along

       with your company name.

       Merchandise valued at $150 of more will be offered as a raffle prize, merchandise valued

       below $159 will be offered as a door prize.  


How do I get to NEAF?

     >NEAF is held on the college campus of the RCC State University of New York (SUNY)

       located at 145 College Road, Suffern, NY.  Just 30 min north of NYC, it is easily reached

       via the Palisades Parkway to exit 9W.   Take NY State Thruway West to exit 14B and then 

       follow the signs. 

How do I get to NEAF using public transportation?

     >Public transportation is available from NYC via train from Penn Station or Bus from Port

       Authority.  For TRAIN:  Take train from Penn Station to Secaucus Junction New Jersey. 

       From Secaucus Junction take NJ Tarnsit or MetroNorth to Suffern NY station.    

       For BUS: Take Coach USA/Shortline bus to Suffern, NY.  The RCC Campus and the NEAF

       Expo is located approximately 4 miles from the Suffern train and bus stations and is 10

       min drive via taxi or Uber.  The campus address is 145 College Road Suffern, NY. 

What if I'm flying? 

     >We recommend flying to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) as it offers the

       easiest access and least traffic to NEAF.  From Newark Liberty International, take the

       Garden State Parkway to the NY State Thruway West.  Take exit 14B and follow the signs.

       NEAF is located 46 miles North of Newark Liberty airport with a drive time of

       approximately 49 min.



How do I get from my hotel to the show if I don't have a car?

    >Free shuttle service is provided from the Crowne Plaza Hotel to NEAF.  Check at the front 

      desk for shuttle times. 


Is smoking or vaping allowed in or around the show?

     >NEAF is held on a state run college campus and it has been designated as a smoke free 

       environment.  Cigarettes, pipes, cigars and electronic cigarettes are not allowed on 

       campus grounds. 



Are adult beverages allowed or available at the show?

     >The show is held on an active college campus.  Alcoholic beverages are not allow or sold

      on the premises. 




What happens in the event of bad weather?

     >NEAF is held regardless of weather conditions.  Sorry, there is not a rain or snow date.

      Booths are not refundable regardless of weather conditions. 




Can I take pictures or videos at NEAF?

     >You may take photos and videos throughout the Arena area, however flash photography

      and videos are expressly  forbidden in the main theater.  Photography and video is also

      restricted in VIP areas and the theater Green Room. 


Is there food available at the show?

    >Yes.  We have both a snack bar and a sit-down cafe offering a wide range of cuisine and

      beverage.  There is also a wide array of local restaurants for evening dining.


What can't I bring?

     >Drugs, alcohol and firearms.  Concealed weapons of any kind are prohibited on the state

      operated property.  Anyone caught with any of these items will risk having 

      them confiscated as well as risk being removed from the event by security.  


I purchased a booth and now I can't make it, can I get a refund?

     >Sorry- there are no refunds.  Contact the NEAF team for more information. 


     >Email the NEAF team at: 

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