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Hosted by WPKN radio personality Andy Poniros.  Hear radio interviews recorded live at NEAF featuring many NEAF key note speakers.   You can download our pod casts and take NEAF where ever you go!

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WPKN Radio Host Andy Poniros  features live and prerecorded interviews with Astronomers, Scientists, Astronauts, and Historians on his radio show Cosmic Perspective. 

These Pod Casts feature speakers from NEAF interviewed live at the WPKN booth at NEAF.


Walt Cunningham

Appeared at NEAF April 2019 and aired on cosmic perspective on Jan 26th, 2019 - Apollo 7 astronaut Colonel Walter Cunningham discusses the challenges of landing a man to the moon, including the Apollo 1 fire that took the lives of astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, & Roger Chaffee, the 1st manned flight after the tragedy, Apollo 7, the 1st flight to go to the moon & back, Apollo 8, and the 1st moon landing, Apollo 11.

Appeared at NEAF April 2018 and aired on cosmic perspective on Aug 25, 2018 - interview with Nobel laureate Dr John Mather.

Dr Mather discusses the expansion of the universe, and cosmic background explorer, Hubble Space Telescope, & James Webb Telescope missions.

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John Mather
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